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Torah Teaching USB Thumb Drive 2022-2023, 5783 For PC Users

Includes a FREE 2023-2024 Decoder of Mysteries Calendar!!

For Windows – PC Users

A full year of El Shaddai Torah Teaching videos and notes on a single 64GB thumb drive!
Covers teaching from October 22nd 2022 to October 7th 2023.

85 Hours of Shabbat teaching video
1500+ Pages of Shabbat and Children Teaching notes in printable PDF format
10 Hours of New Moon and Feast Service video teaching
36 Pages of New Moon and Feast Service teaching notes in printable PDF format
78 Resource Handout PDFs
Designed to work on Window 7, Windows 10 and Windows 11
Requires USB 2.0 or above and internet compatible webpage browser

Your videos will open in a webpage format. This webpage is not connected to the internet, it is completely self-contained on your thumb drive. Due to the large amount of data there may be a delay opening each page.
For PC Users:
Your videos should run in the following Windows 7, Windows 10 and 11 current browsers: Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
These thumb drives will most likely not operate in any version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Your system or browser may require an update to view these videos.
For Mac Users:

Mix and Match Special: Buy Two or More Thumb Drives,
Any Combination of White, Blue or Green, $20.00 Each!

Quantity Discounts:
2 to 14 Thumb Drives $20.00 Each
15 to 100 Thumb Drives $15.00 Each

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