Decoding The Prophet Jeremiah


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Decoding the Book of Jeremiah

Could the books written by an ancient prophet contain prophecies for today?

In the midst of idol worship and child sacrifice, Jeremiah called for the Israelites to turn back to God.  Jeremiah’s message became so unpopular that he suffered persecution and faced death threats from neighbors, political leaders, and even his own family.  But despite the cultural pressures, Jeremiah proclaimed truth.

He may have been an Old Testament voice, but he still speaks to our modern world.  In Decoding the Prophet Jeremiah, Mark Biltz puts the chapters of the Book of Jeremiah in chronological order to help you learn how to:

  • Apply God’s warnings in Jeremiah’s time to your life today
  • Experience hope when you feel betrayed by those you trusted
  • Hold to God’s commandments even when it’s countercultural

These fascinating insights will help you persevere in your faith no matter what trials surround you.

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