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6 reviews for One-Time Donation

  1. Gail H Thomas

    Thank Hashem for your ministry

  2. Louise Pratt

    I love and enjoy Shabbat Teaching

  3. Gary ODEGARD

    Would love to hear Gods name,YeHoVah ,in the priestly blessing

  4. Lyssa (verified owner)

    I have been followoing El Shaddai Mininstries, Learn The Hebrew Roots of Our Faith It has cause me to go deeper, understand more about scripture, Our Lord And Savior, The Father, Israel, So Much Is Revealed that I Did Learn Nor Was It Taught In My Previous Yrs. Of Learning But I Always hHad In My Mind That There Was Something SPecial About Israel and The Jewish People And Wanting To Learn More—I Have And Continue To Do So. Pastor Mark Is A Very Good Teacher And Relates Torah To The Life Of Us As Believers Today,Uncomplicated.—-Thank You Pastor Mark

  5. Louise Pratt (verified owner)

    I thank you for your teaching. I love Pastor Sabbath Teaching

  6. Louise Pratt (verified owner)

    Keep teaching

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