The Passover Seder for Believers in Yeshua


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This 43-page booklet is a complete Seder guide from Kadesh to closing including the prayers, blessings, setting of the table, and a charoset recipe.
Areas Covered:
– Welcome
– Lighting the Festival Candles
– Shehecheyanu
– The Amidah
– Blowing the Shofar
– Seder: Order of Service
– The Story of Passover has Two Beginnings
– The Four Types of Children
– The Four Cups
– Pray for the Nation of Israel
– The Feasts of the Lord
– Bedikat Chametz
– The Four Questions
– Egyptian gods vs. the Plagues
– Dayenu: It would have been enough!
– The Seder Plate
And Many More!

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