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America at War 2024-2026 Jim Bakker Special

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This book is a Large Print, Hardback, Text-Book Quality Product. I has full color on almost every page and is loaded with charts and high quality images. This book is a must have for every believer!

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In Genesis, God declares that He created the sun and the moon for signs. On April 8, 2024, is the Great American Eclipse that crosses over the United States on the first day of the Hebrew month of Nisan, (the month of Passover). Nisan 1 was the same first day of the three days of darkness that occurred during the original plagues in Egypt. This solar eclipse is a HEAVENLY sign from the Creator which will be the starting gun for a series of wars over the next several years, including the final war against Amalek which is represented today by Radical Islam – Iran and its proxies: Hamas, Hezbollah, Isis, the Islamic Jihad, the Houthis and some of which, are already attacking US soldiers and facilities in Iraq and Syria almost daily.
In this book you’ll find every Shemitah Cycle and Jubilee Cycle from the Creation of the World until today. You’ll see the timing of major biblical and important historical events.

Hardback – Full Color Pages
208 pages
7.5″ x 10 x 0.48
ISBN: 978-1-7376507-8-2

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