What is it about kindness that can break down walls and conquer the deepest grief? Kindness can melt years of hurts that have hardened inside a heart or heal the festering cruel words that echo in your brain. Kindness is warm like the glow of a fire, it draws you. Kindness pushes open doors that allow a heart to feel love again.

You never forget the people who have shown you kindness. They leave a lasting impression almost like the sweet, innocent kiss of a child. Kindness is like a divine stamp of love gently embossed on a hurting heart that keeps reminding someone how much they are loved, but not just with words! Kindness can be felt.

Kindness brings unity where there is tension and mistrust, because true kindness is not jealous; it is not power hungry, it seeks the good of others before its own good, and it sees the G-d given abilities in others. Kindness provides opportunities for the abilities in others to flourish. Kindness does not manipulate. Kindness does not vie for power. Where kindness flourishes, people flourish and grow.

Kindness does not force, it encourages. True kindness empowers both the giver and the receiver. Kindness allows the love of G-d to flow; it unstops the blockages erected by the enemy and allows relationships to be strengthened. That is power!

We are told that the Kindness of G-d leads to repentance! (Romans 2:4) The ultimate kindness that led to repentance was Yeshua on the cross. He did not merely use His words, though they are all-powerful, He gave His very life! Kindness often requires that we lay down our lives to be kind. We have the power to be kind even to people who are wrong! That is power.

Is there someone who needs your kindness today? Kindness can change the course of lives, and you have the power to be kind today!